New welding standard listed for aerospace manufacturing


A new American National Standard from the American Welding Society (AWS) covers resistance welding methods for metals used in the manufacture of aviation and aerospace equipment. AWS D17.2/ D17.2M:2007, Specification for Resistance Welding for Aerospace Applications, also details criteria for machine and procedure qualification and the inspection of aerospace hardware.


Lincoln's "How I did it" - some good stuff, but more detail needed

If you grab a subscription to Lincoln's excellent iWeld newsletter, you got a link to the "how I did it" page of their website.

The page features welding projects from dozens of welders. The projects range from race car frames to hay bale handlers to bed frames to cactus shaped mailboxes. What would be really nice would be more project specifications to go along with the photographs. They have a nice start, but without the descriptions and project info, it's lacking.

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Free tungsten welding PDF for download

Check it out.

The book is self-described as: "intended to assist welders in selecting and preparing one of the most important and frequently overlooked welding process variables: the electrode. Welders can spend thousands of dollars on welding equipment, but if they do not select and prepare their electrodes with this less expensive process component properly, then their welding results can be poor, inconsistent, or problematic. This guide will help eliminate this variable as a concern in your welding and make it an asset."

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