Miller giving away $17,000 worth of welding swag

Check out http://www.millerwelds.com/ultimate.

The grand prize winner also getsa special training session with a Miller expert conducted at the closest Miller Regional Training Center, with the travel costs included. To get in on this, you gotta go to your local welding distributor and get a promo code. Then you register that at the link above. The package includes, among other things:
  • Trailblazer 302 welder/generator
  • Suitcase X-TREME 12VS wire feeder
  • Millermatic 252 all-in-one MIG welder
  • Spectrum 375 X-TREME portable plasma cutter
  • Dynasty 200 DX AC/DC TIG welder
Gives you an excuse to go to shopping, even if you' don't win the contest.

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Spectra-Curtain transparent welding curtain allows outside light into a welding booth to help the welder’s vision

Looks like a nice, portable solution for quite a few welding applications.

The Spectra Orange See-Thru Curtain filters welding arc images and all far U.V. radiation and blue light, while transmitting outside light into the welding booth.

The company said the Spectra Curtain is designed for low to high amperages in electric arc welding, and can be used for MIG, TIG, arc, plasma and other high amperage welding arcs. It is designed for heavy duty workplaces.