"TIg, Mig, or Fluxcore - now we have the welder's attention"

That was a radio ad I heard several times today from Tulsa manufacturer John Zink Company. They promised quite a lot, but then promised a bit more to the right welder. Are you the right welder? They want people who are good at math. Who can read bluprints or CAD prints without having their hands held. This is the kind of skillset welders who really want stability and advancement.

The company advertises a boatload of welding opportunities on its website. Are you the right kind of welder? The kind willing to work as hard with your head as you are your hands? It's time to hone up more skills than just running a good bead. These are the kinds of jobs that are good for welders.

It's a good market for welders pretty much anyplace -- today. Companies like Zink who provide good benefits and don't put you to work in dirty, hot shops are the ones hiring the guys willing to make that extra effort.